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Notary Public Services and Supplies

Notary Public Services and Supplies

What is a Notary Public? The Notary Public officiates at the document signing and insures that the documents are signed correctly. The notary makes sure that the signers are entering into agreements knowingly and willingly. For a document to be notarized, it must commit the signer in some way. Having a notary public witness a signature is a powerful risk management tool to prevent fraud and identity theft. A notary public is a third-party witness to not only the signature of a document but also the fact that all parties who signed did so willingly and under their own power. Notarization not only makes it more likely that signors are who they say they are but also is mandatory in some states for certain agreements, such as deeds, mortgages, easements, powers of attorney and living wills.

We offer free notary services inside of our shop, and we are also available to come to your place of business for reasonable rates.

We also provide custom, personal notary public supplies, such as self-inking stamps, embossers and inkers.

Call Troy today at 404-781-3480 to request for a mobile notary to come to your business or order your personal supplies - or simply place your order through our website.

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