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Please Read Our Valuable Recommendations Before Creating / Saving / Sending Design Files

Resolution - Photos and graphics MUST have at least 300 dpi.  Images with less than 300 dpi are often pixilated when printed.

Color Mode - Photos should be saved in CMYK mode not RGB to ensure accurate printing results.  If you are unable to save in CMYK, please contact us. Monitors use the RGB color model. Printers use CMYK which can create most, but not all, of the colors in the RGB color model.  White is typically considered the absence of ink, unless being used to highlight text or graphics.

Pantone Matching System - A color reproduction standard in which colors are identified by an independent number.  We can precisely match colors and consistency.

Adobe Photoshop

  • "Save" your original design with a specific name (easily identifiable for future reference) as a Photoshop Document (PSD).
  • From your original PSD, click on "Save As", choose type of file "PhotoShop PDF", then include the letters PDF at the end of the file name to
    keep your files organized and easy to locate in the future.
  • "Upload" your PDF files (one at a time) using "Choose File"


  • "Save" your original design with a specific name (easily identifiable for future reference) as an Adobe Illustrator EPS
  • "Embed" all images
  • "Convert" all of your text/copy to outline fonts
  • "Export" as Illustrator EPS

Adobe Acrobat PDF (full version)

  • If you do not have the full version of Adobe Acrobat PDF, download and use our Adobe Job Ready Program
  • Full version steps:
  • Under File, Print, select "Adobe PDF Writer"
  • Under Properties, select "Press Quality" and "Save" your PDF

Adobe Pagemaker

  • "Save" your file as an EPS
  • "Embed" all images
  • "Convert all of your test/copy to outline fonts


  • "Embed" all images
  • "Convert" all text and copy to paths
  • "Export" as illustrator EPS or PDF

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