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Adhesive Decals & Cut Vinyl

Adhesive Decals & Cut Vinyl

We offer custom design and layout services for your adhesive decals and cut vinyl. Our design team is ready to assist you with every aspect from custom color schemes to company catch phrases and even choosing the correct size that will bring the most increase to your business. Place your order through our website today or call Troy at 404-781-3480.

Adhesive decals are great for single color logos or lettering for windows, vehicles, walls, construction equipment and any other smooth surface. Our decals are superior products and can be both indoor and outdoor durable for many years.

A decal is composed of a paper or film face-stock on the top layer of the labelstock. The printing is done on the upper side of the facestock. An adhesive layer is applied to the bottom of the face stock. A silicone or release coating layer is applied to the upper side of the backing material. A paper or film liner provides the bottom layer of the labelstock. Different variations of decals include: water-slide or water-dip; and vinyl peel-and-stick. A water-slide (or water-dip) decal is screen-printed on a layer of water-soluble adhesive on a water-resistant paper, that must first be dipped in water prior to its application. Upon contact with water, the glue is loosened and the decal can be removed from its backing; overly long exposure, however, dissolves the glue completely causing the decal to fail to adhere.

A peel-and-stick decal is actually not a decal as described above, but a vinyl sticker with adhesive backing, that can be transferred by peeling off its base. The sign industry calls these peel-and-stick vinyl stickers vinyl-cut-decals.

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